Gnome-schedule is a graphical user interface that leverages the power of vixie-cron, dcron and at to manage your crontab file and provide an easy way to schedule tasks on your computer. It supports recurrent (periodical) tasks and tasks that happen only once in the future. It is written in Python using pygtk, and has been developed, tested and packaged for various Linux distributions.

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Awesome features

Bugs & Problems

If you were to find a bug, please report it in GNOME's bug tracker. You can also subscribe to the gnome-schedule-users list and check if anyone there can solve your problem, I will be there.

Mailing lists:

There are 3 mailing lists available on that page.


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From your friendly Linux distribution

Gnome-schedule is provided by various Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo...

Bleeding edge development version from the Subversion repository

git clone git:// (see the instructions)


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